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Some of the worst mistakes in educating the toddlers

Says, to be honest, is often done by parents or people around the child, unconsciously and unintentionally. This is done so that children remain calm and not crying, for example, when the child would be left by his father or mother, “briefly yes son, the father wants to go buy drugs”, whereas the original or in fact his father went to work. Meanwhile, you might also need to check out the recommended International Nursery School Bangkok.

If it is like this, we must say it honestly, for example, “son, the father wants to work first, later when it comes home will invite you again”, or it could be a child diverted his attention to the things favored by children, of course, good and in a way good. That’s a simple example and there are still many things like that happening in the field.

When we want our children to be honest kids, we must always tell the truth to our children, never ever say dishonest. Do not blame the child if they say you’re being dishonest if you used to say dishonest things to them unknowingly when they were babies.

Grow Fear and Not Confidence in Children.

When our child cries and is calmly calmed down, usually the most powerful weapon is to give them a sense of fame. For example like a saying, “son, already crying, there will be no gecko again.” And frightening with other things, so make the child quietly crying.

After the child stops crying, it is as if everything is calm, and we feel has succeeded in calming him. But we need to be alert to the impact of that. Children who are often treated like that, it will impact the child becomes timid, insecure, not confident.

Comparing Children.

Remember that every child is a star. Well, the child is a star on each of his abilities. Because every child is not the same, every child has his own ability/talent, has a development or growth that is not the same.

Do not be anxious when our child cannot walk at the age of 1 year more, while the other children they even have a smooth running. It is possible that our child has other abilities that other children do not have at that age.