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Tasting the culinary adventure in Thailand

Savoring local food is mandatory if you want to get to know an area. Therefore when you are traveling to Thailand, do not miss the opportunity to taste the typical culinary. For a country like Thailand, the typical dishes are tom yam kung, pad thai, Khao niew mamuang, and som tam. Oh yes, besides heavy food, Thailand is also famous for its street food lot! In the meantime, you might also want to consider to Stay in Luxury at Keemala Resort, it’s one of the best resorts in Phuket.

Snacks sold on the street or street food in Thailand you must taste! Because of the local delicacy of original Thailand will be a lot of you meet in this street food street. Moreover, the sense of typical street food is also no less delicious with a restaurant dish. The price is of course also cheaper when compared with restaurant food! Well, what are you waiting for?

In addition, as a friendly reminder for the Muslim travelers, they should be more cautious in choosing the foods in Thailand, due to there can be quite a lot of porks and foods that contain alcohol on the markets and restaurants in that country.