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How to make a strong 2-story house foundation

When you build a house with one level requires a strong and sturdy foundation, especially when building more than 1 floor. So how to create a solid 2-story, solid and strong house foundation needs to be understood and practiced in order for your dwelling to be safe from disaster collapsed. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to call Pasadena TX foundation repair if you’ve got problems with your foundation.

Here are some tips on building a two-story house foundation that we collect from several sources namely,

1. Note the Soil Structure

The structure of the land needs to be considered in terms of the type of soil whether sandy or not? hard or not? the surface ramp or not?

Sandy and soft soils would require a strong foundation such as a chicken paw, or a foundation made with a wide poultice in order to grasp the soil.

For the floor with uneven contours, the soil generally rocks like stone or paras, so it only needs a strong foundation in following the pattern of soil, its up and down

2. Material Use

Cement, sand, and stones are 3 important materials as a foundation of the house, coupled with an iron frame. Choose quality a cement for this task to ensure a satisfying result.

The stone chosen for the foundation must be really strong like rocks, mountain rocks, and others. The black river sand without mud becomes a strong material for the foundation of a 2-story house.

As for the frame, iron should be free of rust if necessary painted iron anti rust first let the foundation of the house lasting tens to hundreds of years.

3. Determine the type of foundation for the 2nd-floor house

Please note there are many strong types of foundations to withstand 2-story house loads, and we will describe the type of foundation:

a. Scrub foundation.

b. Stone foundation times

c. Footplate foundation

d. Combination of foundation stone foundation with foot plate foundation.

e. Foundation drill pile wear pile cap.

f. Foundation plate continuously.