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Know the climate in London before you go there

The first time I set foot in London around September, I was 100% wrong costume. From Asia, I’ve used long john, added with a shirt + shirt + jeans and a pretty thick jacket. Arrived in London, the heat is unbearable. The temperature is almost the same as in South-East Asia. I think, although again summer, the cities in Europe must remain cool. Turns out I was totally wrong. If longer summer or taxable heatwave, the temperature in London can reach 32 degrees Celsius. Apart from that, perhaps you need to take the English test for citizenship if you decide to live there.

For those who are used to going to 4 seasons country, maybe the weather in London is not foreign. If again winter (winter), as far as I know, London is not as cold as cities in the northern hemisphere of UK. London is not quite identical to snow. Only 2-4 years later London is snowing long enough (1-2 weeks). In 2011 yesterday, now back away from London with only 1-2 days. So do not always wish there was a White Christmas. Although the cold is piercing the bones, it is said to be nothing compared to some other European cities such as in Germany or Scandinavian countries.

During my life in London England, the weather was so ‘unstable’. When it should have entered winter, do not be surprised if one day the temperature is still above 27 degrees Celsius. Similarly, vice versa when the summer, do not be surprised if all of a sudden the temperature can be below 10 degrees Celsius.