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The Unique Foundation Of Stone Kali

When you own a house, you are definitely interested in renovating a house or even when you have the desire to own a home, then you would think of building a house with a concept that is unique and far from the existing one. You may have run out of ideas, especially about the foundation, because the foundation usually follows the existing structure. For that, we are here to help you in having a unique foundation that is by contacting us through the website www.lewisvillefoundationrepairexperts.com. For those of you who want to know creative idea in making foundation is you can use river stone in the following way;

First, measure the ground that will be used to lay the foundation, then plug bouwplank to be known the height of the soil then mounted ropes or threads in order to keep the foundation remains straight and upright. Second, dig the soil for the foundation hole with the size of the depth of approximately 50 cm, the size of half a cent used for walls that made later have a 3-meter high size. If the size of the wall is higher, the size of the foundation hole should also be deeper. Furthermore, the foundation within the hole is given an axial with a size of about 20 cm and the stone is installed in an upright position, then at the top of the stamping is given the order of stone times using an adhesive of cement and sand mixture whose composition ratio is 1 for cement and 5 for sand. While the size of the stone arrangement times for the foundation is 80 cm, so when combined with anstamping, the total size is 1 meter.

Besides used as adhesive, cement and sand dough is also used to perform the compaction process by using tools from iron rods to close and fill the holes or cavities in the stone structure. If everything is done well then just waiting for the process of hardening and drying takes about 4 days to 1 week, after which the foundation is ready to be used to make the building and given a load on the top.