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Know Two Mistakes In The Use Of Air Conditioner That You Often Do

Many people depend on the presence of air conditioners in their homes to provide cool and cool air. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that there are some ways to use the wrong air conditioner and end up with damage. If this happens, then you can visit https://www.bulldogaclv.com/ in order to get a good and proper repair.

In fact, there are some errors that can make your air conditioner becomes damaged and can not be reused. Some errors when usage is

1. Forgot to turn off the air conditioner
This habit is the most commonly performed AC user, maybe you are one of them. This looks trivial but if done repeatedly, in addition to causing electric bills to swell, AC components can also be quickly damaged. Not only that, the consumption of electrical power that many forgot to turn off the AC can also cause warming of greenhouse / global warming.

2. Rarely clean
Dirty air conditioning can become a nest of germs called Legionella Pneunopilla. These germs often cause respiratory distress and stiffness.