Lack of Trees In Urban Areas Will Cause Some of It

Lack of trees in urban areas will indeed cause some adverse effects that could happen. This is because the tree will be able to provide a lot of benefits to the air and other things you receive. then, the presence of trees will greatly help to breathe and help you to get clean air. You can visit the website to get treatment for the trees you plant. Therefore, trees also require proper care.

Lack of trees and green fields will also have a negative impact on life. Especially for you who live in the city. There are some bad effects that could happen if there is no green land or lack of trees in your city.

1. Air pollution increases
The bad impact of the lack of greening in the city first is causing increased air pollution. Street in the city will be filled with motor vehicle fumes so that carbon dioxide levels become very high. In addition, it will be worsened with factory smoke erected in the city center. If not immediately carried out the handling of pollution will create a variety of diseases ranging from acute to chronic. The disease is associated with human respiration that attacks the lung organ.

2. Air Increases Heat
The bad impact of the lack of greening is that the air in the city gets hotter. Of course, you already feel the heat of urban air. Compared to the mountains the air in the city was very hot both day and night. That’s because in the mountains have many trees that can make more oxygen content than in urban areas.

3. Many Natural Disasters
Large cities prone to natural disasters such as floods due to the lack of trees grown in urban areas. If the tree is minimal then the absorption of water by the root of the tree becomes not maximal so that the flood will be easy to happen. The floods are not only caused by a dense drainage and a lot of garbage but also due to the lack of existing trees.